A walk around Tresco island

A walk around Tresco island

Tresco is one of the many islands that make up the Isles of Scilly. On Day 21 we anchored up just north of Tresco in St Helens Pool.

Heading to shore, we landed the dinghy on the northeastern side at Old Grimsby.


The first thing on our minds was a spot of lunch, and the closest place (also quite expensive) was Ruin Beach Cafe, very yummy. We ended up having a full 3-course meal for lunch, see our deserts to the right.

We started exploring and headed for a big walk counter-clockwise around the island without much planning about what to see, except for some greenery and the open ocean on the far side.

There is lots of green space on the northern side, with great views of the open ocean, and views of the other Isles.

As you make your way around to the western side you find a couple of castles / forts providing a little history lesson and some more good views, such as New Grimsby.

New Grimsby

We stopped off at the supermarket in the middle of the island for some icecreams and drinks because it was around 28 degrees C.

Continuing south, we planned on visiting Tresco Gardens, but unfortunately due to our late planning, they were closed. Nonetheless, our adventure to the south let us relax while watching lots of rabbits and pheasants frolick in the grass.

Rabbits frolicking in the grass

It was low tide when we got back to Old Grimsby where we had left the dinghy.

We spent a little time in Ruin Beach Cafe once again making full use of their WiFi to download the latest Stranger Things season, as well as updates to our navigational charts.

Finally, it was time to carry the dinghy, engine and all, back down to the water (now quite the trek).

Dinghy at Old Tresco

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