Day 17: Helford River to Housel Cove

Day 17: Helford River to Housel Cove

We wanted to break out the larger journey around to Penzance. We found an anchorage (Housel Cove) on Navionics that looked like it should give us pretty good protection from the swell and wind for the night and headed off!

This was an easy sail again only on a reefed genoa as we were trying to sail at 2-3 knots so we could fish with the paravane as we went.

Although we were ready for the fish, the fish were not there. Even while trying to sail slowly, you can see the bend in the rod as we occasionally hit 4+ knots.

The journey took only 4.5 hours and we found ourselves in Housel Cove which is overlooked by Housel Hotel and Lizard Lighthouse.

We were in the bay all by ourselves, and also had a beach that seemed to be mostly inaccessible from the land, so private for us!

We both got a little artistic on this day.

Kathryn took this very nice looking picture of the deck while we were sailing

Adam took this rather blurry, but perhaps nice to look at picture of Lizard Lighthouse at night from the bay.

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