Day 18: Housel Cove to St Michael’s Mount

Day 18: Housel Cove to St Michael’s Mount

Time to head to Penzance (ish)!

Before setting off this mainly looked like a big sail upwind as we were in a northerly wind.

After 6 hours of sailing and a couple of tacks, we found ourselves nearing Penzance.

It was lovely and flat in the bay, even quite some way out and made for some very nice sailing.

Penzance Harbour is behind a sil and at the time of our arrival the sil was closed (we already knew this). We had the option of using a mooring ball outside the harbour, anchoring outside the harbour, and using a different anchorage.

St Michael’s Mount looked like it gave good protection (and a nice view) so we headed to it!

You can see us approaching the Mount below.

The anchorage was rather windy, we were sheltered there with 3 other boats, one of them arrived with us, re-anchored a few times and then decided to leave for somewhere else.

We stayed put in the winds, charged up a bit with the wind turbine and generally relaxed.

(In this sort of wind a trip to the shore in the dinghy is not really much fun)

By the evening, the wind had dropped and it was rather lovely.

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