Day 19: St Michael’s Mount to Penzance

Day 19: St Michael’s Mount to Penzance

One of our shortest hops coming up here!

We anchored at St Michael’s Mount to protect ourselves from some of the North Easterly winds, but day 19 brought some calm.

We wanted to head to Penzance to top up our diesel and water tanks and to try and pick up a replacement Calor gas bottle. We also had some friends that may come to visit so wanted an easy and safe place to leave the dingy!

We just sailed across with the geona again, but it took no time at all.

You can see this track includes 1) anchoring outside the harbour to wait for fuel 2) heading into the harbour behind the sil, turning around and coming back to the fuel barge 3) heading back out of the harbour to anchor back up where we would be spending the night.

We headed to shore in the dingy through the outer harbour which is not behind a sil and headed for some dinner being picked up by our friends that were driving. When reaching Newly we ate at Mackerel Sky Cafe. Delicious, but no picutres.

We managed to find a Calor gas bottle at the local morisons, did a little shop, had some on land showers before heading back to Hannah.

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