Day 43: From Zoe to Nude in a day

Day 43: From Zoe to Nude in a day

Many more jobs were done in the morning, more shopping, stowing, cleaning, deck scrubbing, washing etc.

From Zoe

We made some friends on Instagram who we then also met in real life as they were moored just a few boats down. Introducing @sailingvesselzoe. Also planning on making their way toward Canada on their Hallberg Rassy 36 called Zoe. We should be continuing to sail around the same area for the next few weeks, so hopefully we will cross paths again.

To Nude

As we said yesterday, we are now aiming for Vigo for the 3rd of August (2 days time), so want to progress down the coast a little more.

We already looked at some anchorages a few days ago, so continued down to the south, and headed to the last on the list.

We both also managed to squeeze in some time for work during and just after the sail. (Adam will talk about the internet setup in a blog post soon)

We arrived at the anchorage surprisingly early given our track record for the last few hops. So we headed on to the beach (Praia de Barra).

Oh wait, it’s a nudist beach!

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