Day 45: A Warren and a Daisy

Day 45: A Warren and a Daisy

We woke up especially early today with the plan of getting to Vigo and a new marina early to prepare for our guests.

But looking out of the windows, we were met with walls of fog.

We waited a while, but set off in fog anyway with the fog horn at the ready, lights on and a lookout on the bow.

The fog continued to be patchy until we reached Vigo.

There are many ports in and around Vigo, and we went for the cheapest, that we could also book through the Navily app, to make things easy.


Warren and Daisy arrived in Porto last night, stayed in an AirBnb for the night and will be in Vigo after a little coach ride for noon and a short taxi trip.

The coach was €30 for both, and the taxi ride was only €12 + tip. Not bad considering the change of country due to our plans changing.

Soon after they arrived we headed to stock up with provisions for the coming week or so.

This trolly picture was either taken by Warren or Daisy, you pick, they both look the same

Relaxing was done and @wozzletron made a delicious grilled nectarine feta cheese Mediterranean salad for dinner, on the side of Kathryn’s fresh sourdough loaf for dinner, with a spot of wine.

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