Day 46: Late night paella for 5

Day 46: Late night paella for 5

For the first time there were 4 of us aboard for the morning breakfast routine. Everything is different with more people, new spaces need to be found, more seats needed and extra beds created.

We got a taxi to see some of the city, aiming for some sort of festival, but we were a bit early for the party with the stage and fair still being set up. The views at the top of the hill were great, however.

The only sensible thing to do after being up high is to head back down low, so we walked to the closest beach which was in some sort of old military area where we saw the acronym ETEA everywhere.

A few ice creams and drinks later it was time to head back to the marina to prepare for our final guest arrival, Andrew.

As with Daisy and Warren, Andrew was flying to Porto, getting a coach to Vigo, followed by a taxi to the marina, arriving at 8:45pm ish.

We had prepared a grand paella feast for Andrews arrival and the completion of the crew for the next week.

Image of paella, courtesy of Daisy

Wanting to not spend a second night in a marina we also hopped across the river to an anchorage not too far away for the night.

Image of night sail, courtesy of Daisy

And to bed we went, for quite a peaceful night.

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