Day 49: Another day full of food

Day 49: Another day full of food

As well as being full of food, day 49 was also still full of fog.

We woke up in the anchorage after a fairly rockey night’s sleep. Although the swell was from the west, and we were well protected from any direct swell, it seemed to rebound from the land and hit us from the other side too. This was particularly noticeable from 6am onwards. And after our late night, we were all quite hoping for a lie in.

I enjoyed this morning, but I could have slept longer.

Warren, 2022

Pancakes were the first order of the day. (They were all as healthy as the one below, honest)…

Kathryn and I decided to let Daisy captain us to the next anchorage, we set the target in Navionics, sat back and watches the chaos ensue.

With Daisy at the helm, Warren and Andrew were left to pull the anchor up on her command and get us moving along.

We were motoring until we came close to the mainland due to lack of wind, but it was enjoyably flat, and fun getting others to do all of the work.

Warren and I started fishing part way through the hop, ultimately unsuccessful, but Warren did snag the world, resulting in us doing a little loop to get uncaught from the bottom.

Shortly after, we headed to the anchorage.

We finally got the relaxing day we wanted as Warren read us 3 chapters of The Hobbit.

Warren reading some of The Hobbit

Dinner followed, and we used leftovers with many additions to make some cheesy enchiladas.

Following that we had a delicious meringue victoria sponge with hand whipped cream.

Mmmmmmmm aahhhhhhh mmmmmm oohhh yeaaaaa mmmmmmm oh god it’s ssooo good

Adam, after eating Warrens cake

This really was a day of food…

Time for an early night, finally. Let’s just hope the ferries that keep driving past causing chaos wake do actually stop at 10pm.

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