Day 6: Plymouth to Saltash

Day 6: Plymouth to Saltash

We were considering heading to Falmouth for day 6 (sailing to a schedule), but started heading out of Plymouth, reached the swell and decided that was not the day for us.

We turned did a U-turn to head back into the protection of Plymouth.

Along the way a pilot boat can and did a little doughnut around us, letting us know there was a great big warship following us in, and that we might want to move over a bit.

We had said before that it would be cool to sail under the Tamar bridge, so we took this opportunity to head a few miles up the river to get under it and anchor on the other side.

You can see the track heading out, turning around and heading up river below.

We ended up anchoring at the end of a collection of mooring buoys on the northwest side of the bridge, which also happened to be along side a rowing competition of some sort!

As we were staying around Plymouth we had the opportunity to invite a friend of Hannah aboard for dinner!

We had a pretty wonderful lasagne made mainly from tins, shipped Daisy back to shore rather late and settled in for the night.

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