Day 63-70: Figuera da Foz

Day 63-70: Figuera da Foz

Andrew was still hauled up in a hotel after getting COVID in our somewhere between day 58 and 60. But the sailing must go on! (at least a little bit).

We had always planned on spending around a week in Figuera da Foz, so we continued down the coast to our next port.

It was roughly a 36 nautical mile sail which was mostly uneventful, but perhaps we would have been better setting off an hour or so earlier.

We didnt arrive until after dark, as as we approached the entrance to the river, fog decended. You can just about see the enterance to the river and harbour in the image below.

Arrival during fog

Annoyingly the marina in Figuera doesn’t allow pre allocation of berths, so we needed to both moor up at the visitor pontoon to register at reception before then also moooring up in our actual berth for the week. This was extra annoying due to the fog, wind and darkness.

The visitor pontoon was so large you could barely see Hannah hiding away behind the concrete.

Hannah moored up next to the concrete visitor pontoon

We spent most of our time in Figuera with friends and family. Rather than writing in detail about all of the wonderfull food that we ate and wine that we drank, instead I’ll just leave you with this collection of images to make you Jealous. (talking to Andrew here, as he missed out due to covid).

We also did a few boat maintenance jobs while in the marina for a week and while also having access to a sewing machine. We also got some things delivered that we needed to collect!

This included:

  • Modifications to our V berth pillow, including a new cover
  • Creation of fender covers out of tracksuit bottoms
  • Finishing the cruising chute sock
  • Started recaulking the deck

More on all of those in future blog posts. (checkout the Boat Things category)

Andrew rejoined us a day or so before heading out of Figuera, but the rest of the coast is for future posts.