Day 74: Ericeira

Day 74: Ericeira

The next port of call on the way to Lisbon was Ericeira.

Parts of this hop were quite light on the wind front and mostly downwind.

We found ourselves gull winging with the Genoa and Ghoster, before switching to the cruising chute for the first time since leaving the UK in its newly repaired sock.

What a joy it was to fly in comparison to trying to hoist it behind the Genoa.

Here it is on the way up (excuse the talking)…

And here it is a few minutes later on the way back down when we decided it wasn’t going to work with the wind that we had at the time.

Upon reaching Ericeira we were only joined by one other boat in the anchorage. Most boats seemed to pass by Ericeira, probably due to its small size, and head straight to Cascais of beyond. The one other boat that joined us for the night we had actually been sailing near since Figuera.

The harbour had quite an interesting dock, lowered into the water by crane when in use, but hoisted out most of the time.

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