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Galley tour

Galley tour

Get ready, this is an exciting one, Galley tour time!

Welcome to Hannah Penn’s tiny kitchen. In this little corner of the main saloon we prepare all of our meals (jokes, there is a table in the saloon that we use too, or when it’s a bed we put a board on top!).

Galley, with cover boards on

You’ll notice various kitchen items missing in the picture above, that’s because they are all covered over with boards to keep things tidy, and make the space more useful during the day. Also the fridge is just out of shot to the right.

The boards get stowed alongside the galley, and the kitchen area then looks something like this.

Galley, with cover boards off, revealing kitchen things

The main features of the galley are:

  • 2 burner stove
  • Oven
  • Grill
  • Instant hot water heater
  • Fresh water sink
  • Fridge
  • Stowage

This is mostly powered by butane gas which we occasional buy from shore in 4.5kg bottles. (Currently we use Calor, but as we have left the UK we will need to change that soon)

The fridge box is old, but the compressor is brand new and fitted during the 2022 haul out. It’s hidden behind this door to the right of the main galley area. Keep and eye out for the fridge upgrade post in the future..

This is not an original Camper and Nicholsons galley, it was renovated by the previous owner of Hannah Penn about 12 years ago. However the Vaillant water heater is original, still going strong 50 years later.

Vaillant water heater

The sink drains straight into the sea, so we need to be careful about what we put down the sink. For this reason we use diluted eco friendly cleaning products, such as Ecover for washing up liquid, and Oceansaver and bicarbonate of soda for general cleaning.

The sink had 2 taps, both for fresh water. One was hand operated, the other electric pump operated, but we have removed the hand operated tap for now, in preparation for installation of a new salt water tap which should allow us to conserve some fresh water while doing the dishes.

Galley sink uncovered, and surrounding area.

Behind the sink we also have 2 sets of bilge pump controls for our 2 bilge pumps, and a gas alarm.

The galley is full of compartments for stowing things in, most of these contain kitchen related items or food:

  • Big cupboard beneath sink for large pots and pans
  • Draws for cutlery and utensils
  • Cupboards above stove for spices and staples
  • Dedicated plate, bowl and mug holders
  • Large compartment accessible in the worktop to the right of the sink for easy access food
  • Fridge for the cold stuff
  • Under the oven… Various toolboxes…

The galley also has one of the windows from the saloon, so while your cooking you can gaze out to sea… Still wish it opened though, maybe that’ll change in the future.

Day 42: A needed marina trip

Day 42: A needed marina trip

After Adam doused the bed in the saloon in salt water, we needed to do some laundry. We also didn’t have much water left on board (7.5 inches left of 25) so rather than use up the last of on water it’s time for a marina!

A short marina call & journey

We could actually see the marina from the anchorage. We also looked up the Marina in the Navily app. it’s says they have somewhere to do laundry, hooray! So the main next steps are 1) make sure they have space and 2) head over there…

Only 500m so no map this time

As Captain, Kathryn had the task of calling the marina, but not before preparing some phases incase there was no English speaker.

  • Do you speak English?
    • habla usted Inglés?
  • Can you speak slowly, my Spanish is poor.
    • Puedes hablar despacio, mi español es pobre.
  • Do you have space available today?
    • Tienes espacio disponible hoy?
  • eleven point five meters
    • once punto cinco metros
  • three point two meters
    • tres punto dos metros
  • the draft is one point six meters
    • el calado es de uno punto seis metros

The phone call went well, and we were all set for arrival at 11am, which was 25 minuites later! So anchor up, and on our way.

We switched roles for this little journey with Kathryn running around on deck doing anchors, fenders and lines while Adam took the helm getting us away from the anchorage, through the harbour entrance and into the slip.

You can see our old anchorage in the background of our new slip.

Hannah moored up in the slip

Paper work down, passports scanned, insurance emailed over and €32 paid we were all set.

Wash everything

Task 1, wash all of the things. It turned out that there was no laundry room at the marina, so we had to do this onboard, but with plenty of fresh water.

A sheet being washed in the sink

We also used the fresh water to wash the salt off the hull from yesterday morning, along with a quick deck scrub and also rinsing all of our water gear.

Everything was hung out around the boat. At 34 degrees it was would be dry in no time.

Hannah covered in things drying

Plan Q & Supermarket run

We are preparing for guests. The plan has changed slightly. We will no longer be aiming for Porto for the 2nd August, instead aiming for Vigo. So not Portugal, but Spain instead, and just a little way south of where we currently are.

This is primarily because anchoring in Portugal seems like a bit of a pain, and we think our guests will have more fun if we spend the first week on the west coast of Galicia, Spain. Lots of fun anchorages etc.

This is probably plan Q, we have lost count.

We will be eating 2.5x the ammount of food when we have 5 people aboard, so time to stock up a bit.

Some of the supermarket haul