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Day 3: Dartmouth to Salcombe

Day 3: Dartmouth to Salcombe

We spent day 2 in Dartmouth on the DC visitor pontoon generally getting ready for a sail (mostly stowing the many things we brought onto the boat on the last day on land).

We also fitted the blades to the wind turbine so that we could start generating a bit more power!

Kathryn up the mast fitting wind turbine blades

On day 3 it was quite light wind, but we wanted to get moving so we set off in the morning motoring but managed to sail for parts of the journey.

We also started fishing with the new paravane along the way and caught 2 mackerel just before approaching Salcombe.

We didn’t want to think about anchoring with the brand new anchor just yet so we headed to a visitor bouy and rafted up next to 2 other yachts.

Fresh mackerel for dinner, it was delicious! And a lovely night’s sleep.

We woke up in the morning and it was very flat.