Day 16: Falmouth to Helford River

Day 16: Falmouth to Helford River

Back from a wedding, we wanted to get out of the pricey mooring that we were at and get back to anchoring, so on to the Helford river (a short hop across the bay).

As you can see on the track, we decided our trip would be far too quick, even only sailing with the genoa out.

So we did a few tacks and tried to get as close as possible to a beach where @brendonprince_ was having a little SUP (as he advertised on Instagram).

Didn’t manage to get super close to the beach, but did manage to get this little shot.

Over to Helford we went, maxing out at 7.3 knots with only the genoa (nice!).

The anchorage on the east side of the river was lovely.

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