Day 47: Sprinting north

Day 47: Sprinting north

The wind for the first week of visitors didn’t look great, so we set out for a big day sail straight away.

We headed quite far north to where there should be some wind throughout the week.

The whole journey was beating into the wind, starting off a little swelly as we exited the river at Vigo, but progressively flattening out, with the wind steadily picking up.

A picture of the whole group during the hop up the coast

We ended up with a reefed main and Genoa before reaching an anchorage that we previously visited on day 41.

Just as we were preparing to anchor, with Warren on anchor duty (releasing the anchor), his hat flew off and landed in the sea, prompting a quick doughnut and hat grab with a boat hook.

Daisy cooked up a delicious dinner.

Followed by a giant syrup cake which we demolished straight out of the oven in about 5 minutes.

Syrup cake

We partied on into the night by playing a game of cards and going to bed.

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